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Artist / Producer / Songwriter

Sean Alexander is an accomplished songwriter and producer from Los Angeles. He has had songs on over 20 different #1 albums throughout Asia. This includes the #1 charting song "Love Like This" by SS501, "Kiss Kiss" by Kim Hyun Joong, and many more. 

Dawn Ridge Publishing

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TWICE - "Heart Shaker" producer / songwriter
Girls’ Generation - "Lion Heart" "Divine" producer / songwriter
TVXQ / Tohoshinki - "Champion" "넌 나의 노래 (You're My Melody)" producer / songwriter
EXO & EXO-CBX - "Coming Over" "Miss You" "Lovin' You Mo" producer / songwriter
Taeyeon - "Rescue Me" producer / songwriter
TaeTiSeo - "Baby Steps" producer / songwriter
Super Junior & SJ-M - "Why I Like You" "A-OH!" "그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)"

"사랑이 죽는 병 (Love Disease)" "Fly High" producer / songwriter
SHINee - "AMIGO" "악 (Shout Out)" "욕(慾) (Obsession)" "Better" producer / songwriter
SS501 - "Love Like This" "Wasteland" "Obsess" "Let Me Be The One" producer / songwriter
TaeYang - "죄인 (Sinners)" producer / songwriter
Kim Hyun Joong - "Kiss Kiss" "Tonight" "Please" "Save Today" "Yes I Will" producer / songwriter
Heo Young Saeng - "Out the Club (ft.Tae wan)" "I’m Broken" producer / songwriter
Kis-My-Ft2 - "Take Over" producer / songwriter
f(x) - "Summer Lover" producer / songwriter
AMBER - "Love Run" "Need to Feel Needed" producer / songwriter
B.A.P. - "Dystopia" producer / songwriter
Koda Kumi - "UltraViolet" producer / songwriter
B1A4 - "Colorful" producer / songwriter
Ailee - "Letting Go (Feat. Amber)" producer / songwriter
Oh My Girl - "Closer" "Playground" "Sugar Baby" "Oh My Girl" "Curious" "Hot Summer Nights"

"B612" "Real World" "AGIT" "In My Dreams" producer / songwriter
Kevin Quinn - "Tidal Wave" Single from Disney's Soundtrack for Bunk'd producer / songwriter
Karl Wolf - "DJ Gonna Save Us" producer / songwriter
ToHeart - "Delicious" producer / songwriter
Nu’est - "Beautiful Ghost" producer / songwriter
The Overtones - “Good Ol’ Fashioned Love”  producer / songwriter
Tynisha Keli - “Shatter’d” producer / songwriter
Donnie Klang - “Pick it Up” producer / songwriter
Son Dam Bi - “Super Duper” producer / songwriter
Park Jung Ah - “Fly Away” producer / songwriter
The Fairies - "Turning Point" producer / songwriter
Seo In-Guk - "(TEASE ME) 밀고 당겨줘" producer / songwriter

YHBOYS - "A-OK" producer / songwriter
Niki Kerkhoff - "Failed Again" producer / songwriter
Wheesung 휘성 - "One Kiss" producer / songwriter
Jessie Chiang 江語晨 - "Na Bu Shi Ai (That Is Not Love)" producer / songwriter
WOW - "Goosebumps" "Do U Miss Me" producer / songwriter 
Crush5 - "Femmelicious" producer / songwriter
US5 - "Nothing Left To Say" producer / songwriter
Rainbow - "So Cool" producer / songwriter
Chung Lim - "Face" producer / songwriter
Lee Joon-Gi (Lee Jun Ki) - "Together" producer / songwriter 
Cross Gene - "New Days" producer / songwriter
Mr. Mr. - "Everything" producer / songwriter
Fuwa Fuwa - "Mille-feuille" producer / songwriter
Lead - "Beautiful Day" "Loud!Loud!Loud!" "Shampoo Bubble" producer / songwriter
XOX - "Ex Summer" producer / songwriter
Lollipop - "One Way" producer / songwriter
SM*SH - "Why Am I (왜 나만…)" producer / songwriter
Ian Thomas - "Kiss Kiss" producer / songwriter
The EastWest Boys - "Love You Right" "Famous"  producer / songwriter
Basim - "Jeg Vil Være Din" producer / songwriter
J. Burney - "Rock You" "I'm Sold" "Lost in You" "The Last Word" "I Believe in Us"

"Find My Way" "Brainwashed (ft. RaVAUGHN)" "Sleeping in My Car" producer / songwriter
AVENUE 52 - "Simple Girl" "Homeless" "Tried and True" "#BestNightEver" "Falling"

"Agape Love" "Love Shot" "Losin' My Head" "Over and Under" "Time" producer / songwriter

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