Vocalist / Songwriter / Lyricist

New New is most talented and busiest vocalist on the planet. Her voice can express happiness, sadness, sexiness, cuteness, wildness, stupidness and etc. Anything more than you can imagine. Her weird personality effects her voice, in a very good way... artistic way...

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Sonamoo - "All Lie" "Bing Gururu" "Intro Me" "Closer" "Sugar Baby" writer / lyricist "I Do Love You" lyricist
Sistar -
"Wanna Do It" writer / lyricist
Song Ji Eun -
"It's OK" "Barbie Doll" "Oasis" "La Boum" writer / lyricist / background vocalist "Janus" background vocalist
B.A.P. -
"Today" writer / lyricist "I Guess I Need You" lyricist
Jun Hyo Sung -
"Dear Moon"  "Was it a Dream?" writer "Follow Me" "Hello" "Gotcha" "Taxi Driver" writer / lyricist
Kim Feel -
"Walk on the Sky" writer
JungGigo -
"Only U" writer
Ailee -
"Pour the Glass" writer
Tiffany -
"Only One" writer
G Na -
"Secret" writer

MC the Max - "U" writer
4Minute -
"Come in" writer / lyricist
Nam Youngju -
"Pure and Kind" writer / lyricist
Lee Jonghyun, Juniel -
"Love Falls" writer
"Firefly" writer / lyricist "Like a Movie" writer
Shin Hyesung -
"Pretty Woman" lyricist
Sion -
"Don't Love" writer / lyricist
Wonder Girls -
"Sorry" writer
N Flying -
"Bitter Sweet" "Kiss Me Kiss Me" lyricist
Ken -
"Name of Love" lyricist
Boa -
"Hurrican Venus" "Adrenaline" background vocalist
Sistar -
"Shake It" "Don't Be Such a Baby" "Touch My Body" "I Swear" background vocalist
SoYou X JunggiGo -
"Some" background vocalist
SoYou X Kwon Jung Yeol -
"Lean On Me" background vocalist
SoYo X Mad Clown -
"Stupid In Love" background vocalist
Hyolin -
"Lonely" background vocalist
Secret -
"U R Fired" background vocalist
Oh My Girl -
"Sugar Baby" "Curious" "Closer" "Say No More" "B612" "I Found Love"

"Knock Knock" "Real World" "In My Dreams" background vocalist

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